About Us

Who We Are?

Part Energy Parmin is an experienced energy company that specializes in upstream engineering and technical consulting services, as well as supplying a wide range of drilling and production additives. As part of the Pepco Group, the company has access to a wealth of resources and expertise, enabling it to deliver high-quality services and products to its clients. The Pepco Group comprises three key departments, including the Head Office, Research and Development department, and Laboratory.

Part Energy Parmin offers a range of services, including the preparation and supply of necessary materials and supplements for field operations, technical and engineering consulting services, and laboratory technical services. The company’s competitive advantage lies in its strategic alliances with reputable companies, a reliable supply chain, and an experienced team of professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its clients.

Overall, Part Energy Parmin is a reputable energy company that has established itself as a reliable supplier for service and engineering companies, oil and gas producers, and other stakeholders in the industry

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We thirst learn, adapt, and evolve constantly to surpass expectations and deliver nothing but best the best quality, service,and profitability to customers, employees, and owners.


We aspire with a burning desire to aim higher than ever before to achieve our dream, furled by boundless energy, strong motivation, and a can-do spirit.


We never compromise on our commitment to honesty, fairness, and the highest moral and ethical standards embracing them as essential values to our ultimate success.


We work together as a team to keep raising the bar of success by sharing knowledge, opportunities and best practices.

Choose Us?

There are several reasons why you should choose Part Energy Parmin Company:

Environmental Responsibility: We prioritize the preservation of the environment and strive to provide solutions for reducing the negative impacts of the industry.

High-Quality Products: We offer high-quality products that are fully compatible with the environment.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to serving our valued customers and maximizing their satisfaction.

Strategic Collaborations: We work with other companies in the industry to create strategic connections and provide high-quality services and products to our customers.

Utilization of New Technologies: We are constantly striving to improve production processes and reduce operational costs by utilizing new technologies and advanced research.

By choosing Part Energy Parmin Company, you can be assured of our commitment to environmental responsibility, high-quality products, customer satisfaction, strategic collaborations, and utilization of new technologies.


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The words of the CEO

What ceo Say?

As the CEO of Part Energy Parmin Company, I am pleased to share with you our commitment to the environment and its preservation. We firmly believe in reducing the negative impact of the industry and providing high-quality products that are fully compatible with the environment.

To achieve this goal, we continuously strive to improve our production processes and services. Our technical experience and knowledge enable us to serve our valued customers with the highest level of quality. We are also working with other companies in the industry to create strategic connections that allow us to provide high-quality services and products, maximizing our customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, we are leveraging new technologies and advanced research to improve production processes and reduce operational costs.

We would like to invite you to join us in achieving these goals. We value your collaboration and look forward to serving you with our best efforts.


CEO of Part Energy Parmin Company